The workshop looks at the campus from five scales and perspectives: general plan (1), space in between buildings (2), buildings (3), interiors (4) and details (5). The starting point for the workshop is the current state of the Aalto University Campus in Otaniemi, Espoo: needs for additional buildings, extensions, new uses, refurbishments, restorations and conservation. A basic question is: "How to maintain the integrity of the campus after major changes?" As background information for the workshop the current plans for the area will be presented to the participants.

1. General plan

The landscape and the natural environment, do they need improvement? Public transport, private cars and pedestrian traffic Are there possibilities for additional building in the area?

2. Space between buildings

The importance of the green areas
How should new buildings be situated?
What does the "New School" for Art, Architecture and Design give the area?
Additions to existing Alvar Aalto buildings
The former Department of Mechanical Engineering as an example
Examples of empty plots for analyses

3. Buildings (exterior)

Changes to facades (additional insulation, windows, doors, etc.)
Changes to technical systems (HVAC, water pipes, sewage, electrical systems)
The integrity of facades as artifacts

4. Interiors

The subtle combination of exterior-interior-architecture
DOCOMOMO principles for treatment of important spaces?
New uses for old modern interiors

5. Building fabric and detailing
The authenticity of materials and surfaces
Treatment of Alvar Aalto details in changes
Aspects to be taken into consideration on all above levels:

Development strategies (Aalto facilities, Aalto university)

Usability of spaces

Important scenes and approaches

Challenges for building conservation vs. need for change

Inventories, evaluation, analyses, reading of the landscape and architecture

What's so special about Alvar Aalto?


Analyses on all levels: weaknesses and strengths in the present state. Study and brainstorming on new uses and their effects.
Material will be distributed to the participants before the workshop!

Workshop schedule:

Aug 2, 2012

The first day will contain an introduction to all participants. The history of the Aalto campus and its building phases will be covered and an excursion will be made with field analyses. Winding up of the field analyses

Aug 3 - 6, 2012
Groupwork, lectures (maximum of 2 per day), Aug 4 and Aug 6 combined sessions with all the groups

Aug 7, 2012 Groups present their work

Other aspects:

* Number of participants: 40 (mid career professionals, architects, landscape architects etc.)

* Participation fee is 100 (it will be collected during the workshop)

* The Otaniemi campus is a topical issue at the moment (media)

* Facilities for the workshop in the Aalto campus

* The facility owner and the university staff will get new information on these aspects

* Background material: English translations of resources, maps, drawings

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